Planning and Preparing for Dental Procedures: Your Questions Answered

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Planning and Preparing for Dental Procedures: Your Questions Answered

Making decisions about your smile can be confusing. Should you have a tooth pulled or get a root canal? Should you get adult braces or stick with a retainer? Should you use at-home whitening remedies or have your teeth professionally whitened? If questions like these are keeping you up at night, you've come to the right place. I used to stress out over routine dental procedures, and as a result, I did loads of research on everything dental-related. To help others, I'm using this blog as a place to collect, review and share what I've learned through the years. I hope you can use the information here to help you plan and prepare for your next dental appointment.

What to Expect When Getting Dentures After a Tooth Extraction

For many people who need them, dentures are not an immediately viable tooth replacement option because the tooth in question is still there. What's the usual process when the extraction of a dead or irreparably damaged tooth has to take place before your dentures can be fitted? The Extraction Tooth extraction is a common dental procedure, but it's still an invasive procedure requiring adequate preparation and recovery time. Anaesthetic is required, otherwise the trauma of having a tooth removed (along with its root system) will be rather painful. Read More