Planning and Preparing for Dental Procedures: Your Questions Answered

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Planning and Preparing for Dental Procedures: Your Questions Answered

Making decisions about your smile can be confusing. Should you have a tooth pulled or get a root canal? Should you get adult braces or stick with a retainer? Should you use at-home whitening remedies or have your teeth professionally whitened? If questions like these are keeping you up at night, you've come to the right place. I used to stress out over routine dental procedures, and as a result, I did loads of research on everything dental-related. To help others, I'm using this blog as a place to collect, review and share what I've learned through the years. I hope you can use the information here to help you plan and prepare for your next dental appointment.

4 Natural Ways To Ease The Pain From Your Toothache

Toothaches are mostly caused because of unattended cavities in your teeth over a period. These cavities are the result of excess starchy or sugary foods that cling to your gums and teeth. While a visit to the dentist is vital, dealing with a toothache can be extremely stressful, so you'll want to undertake some quick actions to alleviate your pain. Here are some quick natural remedies to ease your toothache without any side effects before you visit your dentist. Read More 

Healthy Teeth | 4 Smart Strategies To Eat Seamlessly With Braces

When you have braces fitted at the dentist for aligning your teeth, you're probably always confronted with the challenge of eating food. At first, you'll likely find it almost impossible as you get used to these new additions in your mouth. Over time, you will learn to eat without harming your braces or your teeth. These eating strategies will teach you to eat seamlessly with braces. Apart from eating, you'll want to keep your braces well maintained, so don't forget to visit your dentist regularly. Read More 

Toothache: Causes, Diagnosis and Management

The term 'toothache' is used to refer to the pain felt in and even around the teeth. Basically, the condition is the most common form of orofacial pain, and it can affect the general oral cavity, the face and the jawbone structure. Toothaches are primarily associated with dental diseases, but the pain might be referred to the teeth by non-dental condition. It is critical for you to consult your family dentist if you have been experiencing any type of toothache. Read More 

Dental Clinic | 4 Smart Tips To Make Your Teeth Cleaning Appointment Pain-Free

Visiting the dentist to get teeth cleaned can be stressful for some people because of their heightened pain expectations, especially if they have sensitive teeth. If you dread the idea of getting your teeth cleaned, you're not the only one. Luckily, this guide has been designed to help you make your teeth cleaning appointment at the dentist as pain-free as possible.  Regular Cleaning Reduces Pain  While it may seem counterintuitive to go for more teeth cleaning sessions when you feel pain, keep in mind that shorter intervals between each session reduces the amount of tartar and debris on your teeth. Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Restorations

If you are about to visit a dentist because you need what is known as a restoration, you may not know what type of dental procedures are required in these instances. So to help you understand the full range of restorations that a dentist can offer you, here are the answers to some important questions about dental restorations. What Are Dental Implants and When Does One Need Them? -- A dental implant is a titanium post that a dentist inserts into your mouth when one of your teeth has been extracted. Read More