Planning and Preparing for Dental Procedures: Your Questions Answered

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Planning and Preparing for Dental Procedures: Your Questions Answered

Making decisions about your smile can be confusing. Should you have a tooth pulled or get a root canal? Should you get adult braces or stick with a retainer? Should you use at-home whitening remedies or have your teeth professionally whitened? If questions like these are keeping you up at night, you've come to the right place. I used to stress out over routine dental procedures, and as a result, I did loads of research on everything dental-related. To help others, I'm using this blog as a place to collect, review and share what I've learned through the years. I hope you can use the information here to help you plan and prepare for your next dental appointment.

Why See an Orthodontist at Your Age?

Many people have their teeth straightened during their teen years, as soon as their mouth and jaw are fully formed. This is obviously not a hard-and-fast rule, which is why adults might also consider seeing an orthodontist, to address their crooked or misaligned teeth. While only you can make the decision about whether or not visiting an orthodontist is the right choice for you, note a few reasons why it can be good to at least consult with an orthodontist, no matter your age!

Cleaning teeth

If you have a hard time cleaning between crooked teeth and notice a build-up of plaque in those areas, it can be good to have those teeth straightened. When teeth are so crooked that they press against each other, it's often difficult to slide floss between them, and for the bristles of your toothbrush to reach into those little crevices. In turn, food particles linger and harden, and plaque then forms. This can lead to gum disease, persistent bad breath, tooth decay and even tooth loss. Ask your dentist if the alignment of your teeth is why they're hard to clean, and consider getting those teeth straightened so you can ensure your overall oral health.

Headaches and pain

Teeth rest on each other for support, so when they're out of alignment, you may clench your jaw or keep the muscles of your upper body very tense and tight. In turn, you may have persistent jaw pain, neck pain, and headaches. This pain can even interfere with your sleep, or you may find that you tend to wake up with headaches and stiff and sore muscles. If your doctor has ruled out all other reasons for this pain, see an orthodontist about getting your teeth straightened as needed.


There's no shame in any adult saying that they simply want a more attractive smile! This can be especially important if you have a career that brings you in contact with others or that involves making public presentations of any sort. You might also be single and looking to meet new people for a potential relationship, and you may be embarrassed about crooked teeth! Whatever the reason for wanting a more beautiful smile, note that there are many affordable and quick solutions an orthodontist might offer to straighten your teeth; you may even be a candidate for veneers, caps, or other treatments that can be done in one visit, or a short series of visits. This can give you the smile you want and that you deserve, no matter your age.